Friday, 4 November 2011


I decided to the ever-so-famous post "what's in my bag" so here ya go!

Bag is a grey leather Marc B one, I got a while back.

l-r: Keys (with usb stick), Cath Kidston Purse, Ipod Touch, Blackberry Curve, Hollister Body Mist in "Laguna Beach", Fingerless gloves, Dove Roll On, MAC Blot Powder, ELF Matte Lip Colour in "Tea Rose", Elnett Hairspray, Moleskine Notebook, Black Ballpoint Pen.

Thursday, 3 November 2011


If you've ever wondered what music I listen to etc, then please add me on

But here's a direct link to a site which stores all music I have ever featured on my tumblr blog. So you can check that out there. You can play tracks instantly which is great for discovering new music, Enjoy!


Nasty Gal is an online web store based in America, focusing on creating clothes for the "fashionistas" of the planet. They mix grunge with classic and timeless. I love everything on the website and could quite happily buy everything on the site (literally) if money was no object. They describe themselves as "The queens of vintage. The sheikhs of sequins and the sultans of studs. The secret source of tastemakers across the globe." Which I can happily agree with. As prices are in dollars, I find that you do have to do a bit of converting to see how much you're spending! The prices are fairly reasonable for what you're getting, but it can get fairly expensive, but still gorgeous. Customer service is fantastic and they have a flat shipping rate which is great! Just watch for custom charges, but other than that, this website is my absolute favourite! 

nasty gal wants & wishes (as seen above) - 
shredded knit tunic, caged in halter dress, mesh stripe bodysuit - black, stacked stripe knitburlesque sequin tank, california flag tee, margot ruffled romper.